A Happy Visit Begins At Home

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  • 1.       Start the veterinary visit a week out. Do not get the carrier out the night before or the morning of and expect the pet to jump in it for a joy ride. Get it out and clean it with a product like Rescue to remove all pheromonal pollution. Put it in a prominent spot and feed meals and/or high volume treats in it.
  • 2.       Begin a magic carpet ride of pheromones that will take the pet from carrier to car to clinc.
  • 3.       Bring the pet hungry for the visit (unless medically contraindicated) so he/she responds better to food rewards.
  • 4.       Preheat or cool the car to the same temperature as the house.
  • 5.        If using a carrier put it on the car floor or level on the seat and cover all sides but the front with a towel to reduce visual stimuli.
  • 6.       Don’t baby talk the pet on the way to the clinic. Do concider playing calming music.
  • 7.       When you get to the practice don’t robotically do as before and park the car get the pet on the leash or grab the carrier and go to the clinic to check in and wait, Ideally, you’ll be able to walk in the front door and go directly into an exam room to start relaxing into “your“ space. Or you can leave the pet/pets in the car (weather permitting), go inside and check in, then go back out and wait with your pet/pet’s until a room is available.